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Psychic Sonyasweets created (Psychic Sonyasweets)Faith Based Community  for members to enjoy free prayer, communication, advice and healing….Our site is about people, prayer, sermons, advice as well as articles that touch on faith in a community manner to the public. People having the ability to help others through a method of faith. That does not mean I am against other methods of helping others in this day in age. It just means at this site we have a honest objective. We accept all whom decide to visit this site with a open mind,heart & soul. We believe that prayer brings peace,love as well as prayer. With that peace will bring clear and concise understanding. Remember that who you are is a part of what you will decide to do with your life. This always affects other people at least 99.9% of the time because people are connected through communication and faith on some level. So if you decide to take your moments in prayer to understand a situation then that is your way of life or walk of life. It is not based on the belief system of what is right or wrong. It is about what works for you. This is a open end community site that is open to the public in means of prayer, sermons and advice. We write about real life issues at our blog to bring attention to struggles. It is not up to 1 person to change the world. That is very unrealistic and impossible. But as a group we can change the world if we work together on a positive mission. Sometimes that mission starts with a purpose. Our only purpose is to show you that sometimes prayer is a way to that. Come join us and view Faith Based Community as your home for understanding. We blog because our voice is gift that should be used wisely to express our concerns to the world. I try to touch base on real ife events at least once a week in a honest manner. Not everyone appreciates or understand the written word but that is a matter of opinion. We offer prayer because in a moment of need prayer can be a beacon of hope and silence. It is OK to hold on to a moment of prayer till you feel as if you can walk in a faith of GOD and Jesus Christ. We are not invisible to pain and hard life struggles. We are perfect in GOD’s image and we are also flawed in the inside. Sometimes prayer can help you understand that better and seek a way to determine how too repair certain situations. It only takes a moment to open up to pray. Join us at our site for complete and utter prayer to fulfil your soul. We offer sermons because in a written word there is knowledge. In that is complete power to intelligence. There is nothing wrong with writing out what you feel that needs to be heard as long as it is productive. We all have a story what better way then to instruct in means of a sermon. Each word of my sermons are written from my heart. I usually upload 2-5 sermons per week. We offer advice because everyone needs guidance. Without guidance we would be lost in this place we call life. In life we face struggles with love, career and family. Sometimes a professional reader with gifts can help us see things for what they are. Out past is part of our life because of experience. Our present is essential because it is the now. We have to mindful how we do things because it paves the way for us to fail or succeed. Out future is never set in stone but can be altered due to our choices. Being a medium gives me the ability to show you what is going on in the realms of the spiritual side through faith and prayer. 99% of what I offer in advice is done through prayer first because your spirit, energy as well soul mission should be a part of positive enlightenment. With over 4 years of experience I understand people inside + out. No one knows why they tend to fall off there trail but there is a reason for everyone. What we do: Prayers, Sermons, Healing, Sell Jewelry & Advice……

Sweet Faith Moments (PRAYS)

We love because He first loved us.

Sweet Faith Moments (Devotion)

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

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